Events in english

International Fall Festival 2015 with Gen-la Dekyong

Buddha Vajrasattva empowerment, « Pure mind, Pure World », in Octobre 2014


French Festival 2015 with Gen-la Kunsang

Buddha Manjushri empowerment, « The power of the mind », in April 2014


French Festival 2014 with Gen-la Dekyong

Buddha Amitayous empowerment, « A world of loving kindness », in December 2014


Guided silent retreat with Gen Tharchin

« The supreme wisdom of dependent-related phenomena », in June 2014


French Festival 2013 with Gen-la Kunsang

Buddha Vajrapani empowerment, in December 2013


French Festival 2012 with Gen-la Dekyong

Dorje Shugden empowerment, in December 2012